Solutions that make sense of your business.


Corporate Risk Governance is no longer a “hit and miss” affair with real-time, event driven dash-boards and analytics that keep you ahead of the game.



Your people and products can be kept safe from reckless unwanted behavior at your premises.


The latest in technological trends are assessed and matched to your specific requirements.



High speed, accurate identification and validation of every person on site.



Only allow those people who are properly inducted, trained, medically fit and certified to enter your facility.


About Us

PMG Digital Solutions PTY(Ltd) is a full service ICT company.

We have more than 30 years experience in the world of information technology and posses an affinity to help bridge the human obstacles in working with “machines”.

Our services are designed to maximise the existing ICT investment and aims to leverage the existing resources to their maximum potential, whilst looking at the future to ensure sustainable delivery.

Partnering with management to achieve on their organisational objectives enables us to be active participants in the delivery of digital solutions that make sense.


Mining and Industrial

Manufacturing and Processing


Food Safety


Health and Life Style



Business Risk Mitigation:

Real-time dash boarding to immediate identification and resolution in:

  • Corporate Risk Governance

  • Health, Safety and Environment

  • Product Safety and Quality

  • Legal Compliance

  • Automated Site Management

People Management:

Working with people has it’s own challenges and our approach centers around the 5 R’s:

  • Right Person

  • Right Place

  • Right Time

  • Right Reward

  • Right Cost

Access Control and Time Management:


Making sure that the people who are on your premises are identified, validated and compliant is fast becoming a major focal point in the world today.

  • Full integrated bio-metric   solutions

  • Fatigue Management

  • Automated Compliance enforcement

  • Automate breathalyzers

  • Shift Management

  • Overtime

  • Travel

  • Call-outs


We are able to provide a full consulting service and turnkey delivery for your business.

With options from advice, project management, procurement, installation and bespoke development, our solutions are aim at making sense of our ICT spend.

Current Solutions:

Legal Compliance Register

Full Suite of Corporate Risk Governance Management Solutions

Health, Safety and Environmental Solutions

Product Safety and Quality Solutions

Full Suite of Human Resource Management Solutions


RFID and Bio-metric Time and Access Control Suits

Integrated Security Solutions

Asset Management

Facility Management